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Our Clients should understand that we are neither the Carrier, nor an agent of the Carrier and the charges, liabilities and risks associated with shipping are borne mutually by the Client and the Carrier. Ultimately the freight charges which are charged on a load are basis the Carrier’s tariff and all disputes must be resolved by the client directly with the Carrier and in all such disputes the Carrier’s tariff is the governing authority and contract.

Client cannot hold us (Logistic Genius) responsible for freight damage or loss or direct or indirect liabilities arising out of shipping. Client may file any damage, loss, casualty, overcharge, discharge or other types of claims directly with the Carrier. LogisticGenius.com is not liable for this or any similar situation. Client may seek legal judgments or redress only by suing the Carrier directly.

Client also agrees to pay Logistic Genius for all outstanding charges and waives right to dispute charges with credit card companies or banks that Logistic Genius must pass on from the Carrier in the cases of revised charges due to class, weight, extra services and other reasons for revised charges.


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