About LogisticGenius

We are one of the aspiring and fastest growing e-logistic companies, providing the trusted online platform to customers for managing their freight shipping requirements. We also provide services to the shipping agencies who can post their freight rates in order to get the business. So, we create a noteworthy bridge between consumers and shipping companies to fulfil their logistic requirements by bringing greater transparency, automation and efficiency to freight transportation service through the movement of logistic business entirely on the World Wide Web and mobile network. We provide shipping solutions through which you can keep yourself updated on what’s latest is happening in the logistic market in order to grow you’re business efficiently and successfully.

Logistic Genius is a one-of-a-kind online freight forwarder marketplace, which allows both exporters and importers to get quote & compare the international road, air, rail and ocean shipping rates within seconds from multiple shipping agencies. With our world’s simplest and user-friendly e-logistics system, customers can find the best freight rate in few simple clicks. Our freight transportation business management technology is faster, simpler and more cost efficient that you would not find anywhere else. So, with our highest standards of performance and reliability, we are dedicated to solve the complex and difficult logistic problems of our customers through our advanced and an effective e-logistic network.

Our Mission Speaks Customer-Oriented Commitments of Our Business

Our mission is to become a pre-eminent international logistics destination for customers who want to move their goods from one place to another via road, air, sea or rail at the best possible freight rates and for shipping agencies who can get quote their freight rates to get their customers right at their doorstep by providing the top-notch freight transportation management services to them.

Our Customers are Pillars of Our Growing Business

We believe that our customers are the pillars of our growing business. For customers, we have an online platform to find the best registered shipping service provider while comparing the logistic charges of various goods transportation companies and understanding the current logistic market trends. For shipping firms, we have established a brilliant network of e-logistic management services through which they can get quote and put their freight costs on web in order to get the customers.

Our e-Logistic Network is Our Innovative, Error-free & Easy-to-use Business Model

We receive a bunch of logistic enquiries on the daily basis from our customers. We answer them quickly and efficiently through our innovative, error-free and easy-to-use e-logistic business management model. These inquiries are provided to the shipping companies after having thorough registration and background check.

Solutions for Customers

Our customer’s satisfaction is our goal and their feedback is our strength to improve our services and keep the things on the right track! To check which shipping option suits your budget while going through the freight prices of various shipping companies

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Best Freight Rates Online

For consolidating your logistics transportation needs, www.logisticgenius.com provides you the trusted platform over the Internet from where you can easily & instantly access freight rates and quotes online that are provided by the best shipping agencies.

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